Friday, September 30, 2011

Veralyn Davee Quilting

October 2nd through October 30th.

Veralyn Davee has been quilting for 35 years and has been a ribbon winner in the Michigan State Fair and local and regional quilt shows in Michigan and Connecticut.

She enjoys the fabric/color selection and design process of both traditional blocks and original pieces. Most piecing is done by machine, then quilted by machine or hand; she also does hand-applique work.

She has studied the history and development of quilting as an American Craft and art form and has done lectures and trunk shows over the years. She feels one of her strengths is the use of color in her work. It is what she is most drawn to for inspiration.

Currently living in Kent and working as an audiologist at Hearing Aid Specialists in New Milford for the last ll years, she is active in two area guilds--Mountain Laurel Quilters in New Milford and Southford Falls Quilt Guild in Middlebury. She gives away many baby quilts and wedding gifts to friends and family, donates quilts to community and civic groups for fund-raising and does individual commissioned pieces.

She hopes you enjoy this sampling of some of her most recent work.

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