Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Janet Newman

May 28th to July 1, 2012 view paintings by Janet Newman
For over20+ years, Janet Newman worked with an expanding color palette on living canvases and achieved widespread recognition as a make-up artist in New York City. She recently developed a program teaching young adults in a specialized school for four years. With a formal art education, She began painting again and is presently developing a body of work inspired by nature and her personal photos of flowers from her garden as they bloom and flourish in Litchfield County. Currently working with acrylics and water soluble oil colors, the paintings are layered gradually over days, weeks or months to create depth. With a compilation of multiple scenes and photographs, a unique perspective is achieved in the composition of her paintings. She uses bright colors that dance off the canvas prominently in her works of vibrant flowers and geometric designs. Many of her paintings flow in motion and movement capturing her inner memories and training as a young ballet dancer.