Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Angelica Mendes Student Artist

August 25-October 6, 2013 Since I was a little girl I loved to spend hours drawing and doodling on any paper that I could fine. Now, I am a student artist and currently attending Northwestern Connecticut Community College. I have been working on my Associate Degree in Fine Arts for the past two years. I have been in two art student shows at Northwestern Community College and a student art show at Artwell Gallery in Torrington, Connecticut. Also, several of my artworks are displayed in private collections. I am currently employed as an Art Teacher at a Private School. The work that I am displaying at the New Milford Public Library ranges from oil paintings, film photography, and charcoal drawings. I will also be displaying in a case pottery, cardboard and clay objects, and additional film photographs. My favorite medium of art is oil painting and film photography. I enjoy working with the materials and having a hands on experience with my art work rather than working with computers and technology.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Celebrating Robert E. Walker

Celebrating Robert E. Walker A Life of Art (1927- 2012) What: Robert E. Walker’s lifetime artistic endeavors and accomplishments will be on view for the first time ever. When: On June 2nd, 2013, for approximately 6 weeks Where: The New Milford Public Library, New Milford, CT 06776 Why: Robert Walker passed on July 9, 2012 leaving a legacy of Great Art and Design. He came ‘up’ weekend’s (from NYC) to the New Milford area for over 40 years. For over 60 years ‘Bob’ evolved as an Artist and Designer both personally and professionally. He was always very talented and well received. What you will see are the Major Stages of this Artist’s life, Childhood/School Years, through his Professional and Retirement Years. What were his major influences? How can someone who grew up in a small Mid-Western town end up working and ‘making it big’ in a big city? Art was Bob’s life from the time he could color in a coloring book. Much can be learned, by both young and old, from this Graphic Genius, Humanitarian and Company Man. Bob was a man of true humble beginnings. He had a ferocious drive and boatload of innate talent, creativity and passion for both art and his fellow man. A rare man indeed, Bob was loved by all throughout his entire life. This exhibition will show the depths of his classic and endless talent and creativity and that a nice guy really can, and did, finish on top. Bob lived and worked during the Golden Age of Art and Design in New York City and the world. Many of the Great’s either knew or worked with Robert Walker including photographer Irving Penn. Mr. Walker was influential in the discovery of several well-known actors and actresses in the 60’s through 80’s. Recruited by Alexander Leiberman directly out of UCLA, Bob spent 15 years as art director at Vogue Magazine. Later, he spent 17 years as Creative Director at Clinique, where he was recognized by Leonard Lauder, Estee Lauder/Clinique Executive as “...such a big part of our success.” Upon ‘semi-retiring’ from the Big Apple Bob said: “It’s curious to me now, looking back at my artistic endeavors and how I’ve evolved, how I am still anxious for the next challenge life brings my way.” As you the viewer will see, Bob was always comfortable with Color, Composition and Design and Drawing! As a lifetime Creative Director for and amongst the best, Bob never found an assignment he couldn’t or wouldn’t do and, yes, excel at doing. All ages and aspirations will gain BIG from viewing this accomplished (award winning) man’s incredible journey.