Monday, December 17, 2012

Ron Crowcroft

Ron Crowcroft Paint Marker on Canvas December 16th through March 10, 2013 Artist thoughts The works in this show are all made with acrylic and oil-based paint markers on canvas. They are biomorphic abstractions, with aboriginal and ancient glyph-like elements. Viewers may associate some of the images with animals, fish, birds, heads, figures, eyes or internal organs. I have created artwork in various media for forty years, including painting, drawing, sculpture/assemblage, photography, performance art/events, conceptual art, humor, experimental music and soundwork and writing/poetry. Early impulses include Yoko Ono, who first stimulated me to create, followed closely by Dada, Surrealism, Fluxus, Minimal Art and Conceptual Art. The work in this show may still show elements of the Fab Four . . . Miro, Klee, Kandinsky and Arp, as well as those of meso-american aboriginal, rock art and other ancient/ethnic cultures. I have exhibited work in many countries, music has been played on various radio stations and have been noted in various magazines, newspapers and books. Several works have been archived in MOMA, The National Library of Australia, etc. I will have a poem included in the twice yearly Buddhist magazine, Inquiring Minds in the spring of 2013. I demystify and simplify the physical process of creation in order to deepen the sychronous aftereffects of experiencing the work, hoping it will continue to surprise, educate and pleas.e I love an artwork that thinks for itself. Bio Born 1953, Sussex England. Ron went to art school in Leeds,England, which at the time was the most radical art school in Europe. He was in an experimental music group, New 7th Music until relocating to the USA in 1982. He works at the Wellspring Foundation in Bethlehem, Ct and is the sexton of St. Paul's Episcopal church in Woodbury, Ct. Ron has two children, Alex and Emma. Both were raised in New Milford. Alex is also an artist and avid snowskater. Emma is currently studying at Southern. Ron is always willing to give talks, with slide shows as well as curate shows, sit on discussion panels and otherwise work with other artists on exhibitions, live performances or other projects. He is currently seeking a larger space for a variety of larger sized projects. Copies of his booklet, SOME SHORTER RECENT ART AND CREATIVITY NOTES, may be freely taken. Please don't hesitate to comment or ask questions.