Thursday, February 25, 2010

Photography by J.G. Moore

Joe Moore was born and raised in New Jersey and started photographing family members when his father let him use the family camera, a 35mm Agfa. He soon became fascinated with photography and nature, taking many photos on his frequent hiking and backpacking trips. He experimented with infrared abstracts and made many photos with what came to be called "light painting." Many of his infrared scenics have an "otherworldly quality" that makes portions of the image jump off the page.

Moving to Connecticut in l974, he joined the Silvermine Guild of Artists in New Canaan, Ct. where many of his works have been on display. He has spent the next 36 years photographing nature and scenics, up and down the east coast of the United States and the Rocky Mountains. Working primarily in 35 mm. he also uses 6x7 cm and 4x5 formats. He employs normal, macro and micro photography techniques and specializes in unusual angles and lighting.

Having made the change to digital, he enjoys taking advantage of the extreme details that the equipment affords. Many of his works not only include images taken with camers, but also with scanners that show detail that is usually invisible to an untrained eye.

Joe currently resides in New Milford with his wife and two children.