Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Artist Dennis William Stuart

Mr. Stuart is a nationally recognized artist from Litchfield County, Ct. "With my paintings, I attempt to capture a moment in time revealing a comtemplative interpretation of nature." Farm, field, forest and brook are landscapte subjects Stuart is drawn toward. "My painting interest is emphasis on pattern and color harmony using suggestive texture, color and shape in translating subject to canvas or paper." His painting career spans forty years. Group exhibits with awards include: National Park Academy of the Arts, Punta Gorda National Art Exhibition, Visual Arts Center, Connecticut Academy of Fine Art, Hudson Valley Art Association, Stamford Museum and Nature Center, Hammond Museum, American Watercolor Society, National Society of Casein and Acrylic Paining, Adirondack National Watercolor Society, North East Watercolor Society and Connecticut Watercolor Society. His college education include the Ringling School of Art, School of Visual Arts and Paier School of Art. In Connecticut his art is represented by PS Gallery in Litchfield. dwstuart10@gmail.com


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