Friday, May 9, 2014


May 4th through June 15, 2014
My passion has always been animals and nature's beauty. The camera is my way of documenting what I have witnessed and experienced. When looking at photographs I have taken, I relive the emotions of those moments. This collection is just a "swatch" of the 1400 photos I took in the Galapagos in March, 2013. Going to "The Enchanted Islands" was a surreal experience for me. The islands were formed by volcanic eruptions in the Pacific Ocean and each island has its own unique fauna and flora. The native animals haave no predators (other than the friendly Galapagos Hawk) and do not fear humans. I found their serenity contagious. Many times, I had to walk around a sea liton. Booby or tortoise that was not about to get off the trail marked for humans. When photographing animals, I prefer to focus on only one or a pair, capturing the esssence of each as an individual of its species. I took all of these photos of wildlife at close range. Other than some cropping, none of the photos was digitally enhanced. I am grateful that I have always had the good health and time to travel extensively. It is with the encouragement of my loving family, that I am sharing this collection. \ My hope is that by sharing these images, your adventuresome spirit will be activated, and that you will work to help protect our earth's animals and environment. I must add my emotions are entirely different when I look at photos I took while tenting in the Serengeti in Tanzania. There it is a violent world for animals, and I did not sleep well. Galapagos: A truly peacable kingdom . . . and for how much longer?

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