Monday, July 11, 2011

Mary Gates June 2th- August 7th 2011

Mary Shanley Gates: biographical information
New Milford Public Library
Art Show: June 27th to August 6th 2011

“In the Style of: Inspired by Favorite Artists”

Mary Shanley Gates has spent most of her life in Connecticut, except for two and a half years as a VISTA volunteer in Montana. She worked in the Brookfield school system for thirty two years as a teacher and curriculum coordinator. She co-authored a teacher resource book, Living with the Land, published in 1998. With her husband, Timothy, she has been a New Milford resident for more than thirty years. She published a 2009 calendar, Lighthouse Landscapes, from her original paintings. She takes classes with two prominent local artists, Alisyn Hamilton and Anda Styler. Mary can be reached by email at:

Rationale for this show:

For centuries, artists have visited museums and galleries to study the works of other artists. Painting or drawing the works of others expands artistic vision in a concrete manner.
For this show, I have interpreted favorite works of some well known artists. I have included original works that illustrate the effect these artists have had on my work. For example, I have always been drawn to the strong use of color in my work, as have the artists I modeled for this show. Primarily I work in acrylics, but occasionally do pieces in oil, pastel, or water color.

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