Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bill Hughes January 10th through February 21, 2010

A brief who's who, what's what appears appropriate, so here goes.

A great many of Mr. Hughes' professional artistic endeavors have been in theater, ranging from set and scenic design, to costume and puppet design, to poster and art design. Off stage, he has handled commissions for celebrity art pieces, museum wildlife renderings, and retail design.

If you want more:

As author, Mr. Hughes was recently represented on the Connecticut stage by the 2009 premiere of his new comedy See Dick...
In 2005 his puppet & people production of Ghost of a Chance was presented to critical and popular acclaim. Previous Connecticut productions include successful stage adaptations of The Picture of Dorian Gray and Frankenstein.

Growing up in and around NYC theater offered the opportunity to witness and learn from many of the best, on, off and backstage. The result of these opportunities ranged from founding several theater troupes to acting, directing, puppet design and performance, choreographing and teaching, set and scenic design, alongside many truly talented individuals. While the majority of the work occurred Off-B’way and Off-Off B’way, there were the periodic visits uptown.

During his "New York" years Mr. Hughes, as well as enjoying professional associations with a number of designers, performers, producers and playwrights, had the privilege of lending some of the latter a hand and an occasional word or two. Nowadays, non-ectoplasmic authorship has its rewards as well as risks, with one’s own, flesh and blood name sitting alongside the title. Next up, the finishing touches to a dark comedy titled, The Trinity Recruit.

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