Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Richard Close April 19 through May 23

Missions, Consultant, Writer and Photographer

Richard Close Kenya

Why do I write with images?

All the reasons I write will one day fill a lengthy book. I spent a lifetime searching for God and happiness. Was at the feet of top yogis, work for the top companies, raised a family and watched a very self-centered world that was all about "me". Finally God found me and stopped my life dead in it's track all the way down to living homeless in a Gospel Rescue Mission. There God became my true Father with a walking relationship filled with many miracles and amazing adventures. I will tell you this. That Jesus is real and very alive today. His witness can be seen all through this site. Today I consult to missions, raising a second family and worship in Brooklyn Tabernacle with every nation in the world. I will also tell you that I am nothing special, not even a professional photographer or writer, never had a lesson in either one. This is my witness so that you know that if you let God use you, your life will become an amazing adventure.

Brooklyn Tabernacle Learning CenterI love the people of Africa and Brooklyn. I see the the traditional purity of Godly work ethics and raising of their children. I Love the honest struggle of parents making a living, supporting children and praising God for it all. Something I feel modern America has so tragically lost. When God is in you heart you will fall in love in a new deep way with Him and your life will transform filled with His Grace and Mercy.

The boring details:

Richard Close, CEO The Chrysalis Campaign has 20 plus years as a visionary, strategic planner and consultant to the eLearning industry. He has been an industry consultant, speaker, analyst and author of white papers on: search learning, Knowledge Management and eLearning, NLP, and Best Practices in Healthcare eLearning Methodologies. Clients in the training business include: IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Sun Microsystems and numerous eLearning companies.

Currently he is running webinars for "Best Practices for Healthcare in eLearning" and "Best Practices for Nurse Educators" which are attended by hundreds of Healthcare institutions across the country. Other breakthrough webinars he has co-developed have been attended by over a thousand healthcare institutions.

As a senior consultant, he has developed marketing and learning programs for companies such as: Sun Microsystems, American Management Association, Graduate School USDA, Michigan Virtual University, Catapult/IBM Leaning Services, International Data Corporation, Oracle, Powersoft/Sybase and Global Knowledge (Digital Learning Services), Lotus Development, Microsoft and Symantec. His corporate experience has been with MCI International, GE and Keane.

Richard has been a key player in the launching of several eLearning companies and technology centers in New York. He has published learning white papers and methodologies, in the field of Knowledge Management, Virtual Change Programs, Transformational Learning-NLP and Healthcare Learning Method.



Richard donates 1/3 of his income to The Chrysalis Campaign, Inc. which provides strategic consulting, learning services, training and creative services and resources that support poor urban US and African communities. Current projects are in Kenya, Zambia and Haitte. For more information contact: chrysaliscamp@aol.com

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