Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Laurie Quigley Sweet Oct 26 through December 6, 2008

Laurie Sweet Art Show

October 26 through December 6, 2008

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About the A r t i s t
Laurie Quigley Sweet is an illustrator and
decorative artist, of seed time studio,
and art teacher, at Wamogo High School.
Every day is the theme of her art, in which
she explores multiple mediums such as lucite
shadow boxes, oils or acrylics on wood and
canvas, decorative boxes, and small
postcards. Mrs. sweet has been published in Gourmet, with Random House and Mcdonalds. This autumn she will pursue a Masters of Arts in Holistic Thinking. Laurie resides in Goshen with her husband, Matthew
and sons, Patrick and Christian.

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