Friday, May 9, 2008

Hank Meirowitz June 2-June 28th

Long time resident of New Milford and New York City, Hank Meirowitz has proven himself in group and solo shows a photographer with a keen eye for texture and pattern, and an enthusiastic manner for whatever subject matter presents itself.

His photographic talent has encompassed an assortment of diverse themes, including babies, tame and exotic animals, rural life, and pastoral scenery, and panoramic views of Russia and other cities in Europe, and now the grandeur and majesty of Arizona and the Grand Canyon and environs.

He has been a Photographer for the Pampered Pet for years and has entertained many four legged friends in his studio on his property for photo shoots or petting session or merely "shooting the breeze." His love of animals is clearly reflected in his one-on-one approach with them. His goal is to the the STATURE and IMPORTANCE of the family pet.

He has shown his works in various libraries and galleries and restaurants in the area, has lectured at camera clubs a schools on his technique in photography and printing, giving new ideas to his audience on cropping, shading, high lights, etc.., to achieve the desired results. He is open to suggestions about improving his work, and is always looking for new venues and subject matter.

His advertising in local newspapers and magazines, with a different pet picture in every ad,; has resulted in a plethora of work with local four legged celebrities. Too him every pet is a STAR, and he makes sure he/she feels that he/she is.

Recently, he completed a one man show at two different libraries on the glories and splendor of Moscow and St. Petersburg, with digital camera and photoshop effects, and met with excellent reviews from newspapers and viewers of his work. It is always gratifying to have new people approach you at receptions and tell you how much they enjoy your work. An artist always enjoys a pat on the back and vote of approval, plus a sale of his work, knowing that it will have a prominent place in a new home.

Hank writes, "This show at the New Milford library is something I truly anticipate, as I just returned from Grand Canyon and had been over whelmed by the beauty and color of the area. Hopefully viewers will feel the same and vicariously enjoy the scenery."

His next shoot will be in Poland and am anticipating an exacting set of images. "Hopefully, I will be able to share them with you in the future."

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FishNiX said...

Hank manages to eek incredible photos out of scenes with difficult dynamic range. I look forward to visiting his shows!

st said...

I look forward to Hank's show - I've seen his work in various venues and it is always a pleasure.